Parent Stress Intervention Program
The Parent Stress Intervention Program Combo Image

The Parent Stress Intervention Program (PSIP) was developed by staff and faculty at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, were used in the multi-year Parent/Child Stress Intervention Project piloted by Dr. Elisabeth Dykens.

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Curriculum (MBSR) can be licensed individually ($200). If you purchased an individual licence you can also add a group site license for an additional $150 per every 5 seats.

Site licenses are only provided to non-profit organizations (with less than 50 employees) or individuals who has already individually licensed the curricula to set up a group. You may obtain the PSIP/MBSR site license for 5 participants for $150.

Please note that the site license option is only available to providers who has already purchased a copy the curricula for limited distribution to their group members. Upon reviewing your request and approval, we will send you the 60 page MBSR curricula, meditation exercises in an Audio CD and Qigong DVD to the licensee's address.

The Positive Adult Development (PAD) curriculum was created to help parents of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities manage stress. PAD incorporates evidence-based interventions from the field of positive psychology and emphasizes ways to temper such emotions as guilt, conflict, worry, and pessimism by identifying and using character strengths and virtues, using strengths in new ways, and by practicing exercises involving gratitude, forgiveness, grace, and optimism.